How to use SMS Service after templates are approved on the DLT platform

DLT is commercially is LIVE since 8th March 2021

Integrate DLT with your SMS Account

For API Users

  • Add an additional parameter in the API for it to work seamlessly with DLT Compliances. Add a parameter at the end of the API “dlttemplateid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”  (DLT Template ID is a 19 digit numeric code and is unique for every template which is approved)
  • Click here to check API format as below:
					&peid=19 digit DLT ID (you can find PE ID in your registered dlt account)
&dlttemplateid=19 digit Template ID (template id is unique for each and every template which is approved)

Once, above steps are followed correctly, SMS service will start for your account and your business will be 100% DLT compliant.