Cloud Telephony for Enterprises

Generating Verified Leads, communicating with meaningful messages and reaching the right person is the key to Business Growth

Missed Call Services

Take Customer Consent on a designated Number with a Customer Initiated call which automatically gets disconnected

IVR & Toll Free Services

Optimize Sales & Support Experience for Clients using a multi-agent routing call flow with SMS Trigger at the end of call

Click To Call

Reduce TAT for Query Resolution or convert hot leads into business with instant connectivity to support teams

Features and Benefits

Connect with your customers  IBD, Missed Call, Customised IVRs along with VMN (virtual mobile number) and Toll-Free numbers. Ensure around-the-clock CRM outreach without investing in the manpower to do so. Improve tracking, measurability, and real-time visibility through our scalable cloud-based Voice solution.

Highly Scalable

Expand your business without worrying about scalability and security anymore.

Save Costs

Save costs by auto-connecting businesses to the right person instantly

Real Time Analytics

Helps businesses make strategic decisions based on real-time data

Call Recordings

All conversations are recorded for reviewing the quality of call flow

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