HLR Mobile Database Lookup
Validate your mobile database using HLR lookup service and maximize your SMS campaign efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Increase your overall campaign efficiency with validated mobile numbers. Get the best % delivery campaign is sent only on active numbers.

Real Time Validation

Whether you want to check a single number, or want to upload numbers in bulk quantity, you will be able to validate mobile numbers on the go.

Be Specific

Now, you can send very much relevant information to your audience including employees and customers so that you can receive specific information

With the introduction of Number Portability (MNP), customer database is often full of invalid and inaccurate, de-activated mobile numbers. As a result of which, when running a campaign, a business encounters lots of unsuccessful deliveries and increased cost of messages or voice calls.

PC Expert’s HLR lookup service enable a 2-step verification to verify all active mobile numbers before sending out a campaign. This ensures that campaign is only sent to active working numbers which in turn reduces overall messaging costs. With intelligent and SMART lookup solutions featuring a throughput capacity of 7000 number lookup per second,  you will be able to validate mobile numbers which are on roaming and number port status as well as identity wrong mobile numbers, switched off handsets and other errors.